Project Life 2013


This will be my first year doing project life. Embarking on a year long project is a bit intimidating but so far it has been going well. For Christmas I asked for a core kit, album, and a big pack of page protectors. I am using the cobalt core kit and album. I like it a lot but I’m most happy with my pages when add extra embellishments. 

Since this is my first year with project life I’m doing bi-weekly spreads, instead of the weekly style. This means each 2 page layout covers two weeks for me.  I’m so glad I decided to it that way. It feels more manageable and I’m able to keep up easier.

I’m ordering my photos from This has been working out well, but I can see the convenience factor of printing at home. I’m looking at a small 4×6 photo printer,maybe for next year.


Overall I love this project! It is so fun to look back through the weeks at all the small things we forget. I’m enjoying the creative outlet and so happy to be documenting our everyday lives.

Supplies I’m using: cobalt core kit, design A page protectors, cobalt monthly dividers

4 thoughts on “Project Life 2013

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