DIY Calendar Tutorial

20130428019-EditI’ve seen this idea a bunch of times on Pinterest and a few weeks ago I decided to just go for it. I needed a calendar to organize my blog posts and knew I wanted one that was easily erasable. I’m always moving posts around and changing the schedule. So, this idea was perfect.

First I went to Home Depot to pick up paint chips. I didn’t know exactly how I was going to put it together at this point. I got a variety of colors that I like (and that match my craft room) and a range shades.

Then, I went to Michaels to pick up the frame. I wanted something that was big but not too big. I decided on 16×20. Its large enough for me to write on and small enough that I have  space for it. The frame was around $8.00 with a 40% coupon. 20130421003-EditI laid out the paint chips and figured out I need to cut them to 2.25 inches square to fit in the frame. I wanted to leave enough space for notes on the side and for the month/days of the week on the top. For the days of the week, I used letter stamps and white embossing powder. 20130421004-EditWhite embossing powder is awesome for adding a stamp on colored paper. It really stands out and I’m happy with how it looks on the calendar. I put together 2 sheets of  white card stock to mount the paint chips on and used a tape runner to adhere everything. 20130428021-EditI used a circle punch to cut out 1/2 inch circles out of white card stock. I used a 12×12 sheet of gray card stock to fill the top space and added American Craft Thickers for Month and Notes.

This calendar is functional and pretty! I love it and it’s been working great for organizing my blog posts.

Step by Step Tutorial


16 x 20 inch frame

35 paint chips in different colors

Alpha Stickers

2 12×12 sheets white card stock

1 12×12 sheet gray card stock

Letter stamps

White embossing powder

Heat embossing gun

Versa water mark ink pad (or any light color ink pad)

1/2 inch circle punch

Scrap piece of white card stock

Dry erase marker

Tape runner

1. Cut all 35 paint chips to 2.25 square inches. Use the scraps from the paint chips to cut 7- 1 x 2.25 inch rectangles.

2. Using the letter stamps and versa watermark ink, stamp the days of the week onto the 1x 2.25 rectangles. Cover with white embossing powder and the shake or tap off the excess. Use the heat embossing gum to melt the embossing powder. This should take about 20 seconds.

3. Attach 2 sheets of the white card stock together and trim size to 12 x 20 inches. Also cut 2 four inch strips of the gray card stock and attach those to the top. The total size should now be 16 x 20 inches.

4. Using the white card stock as a guide, mount the 35 paint chips in 5 rows of 7 with the tape runner. (Note: I only used on strip of tape per square)  Start working left to right. You should end with around 3.25 inches of space on the right side for notes.

5. Attach the days of the week rectangles to the top of each column with the tape runner.

6. Use the 1/2 inch circle punch to cut 35 circles from the white card stock. Adhere one to each paint chip.

7. Add the alpha stickers for month on the top left corner and the alpha stickers for Notes in the right corner inline with the paint chips.

8. Optional, add stamps or other embellishment to the top right corner about Notes.

3 thoughts on “DIY Calendar Tutorial

  1. like the idea of this – it can be used for many things needing a changing calendar. Your procedures make it easy to follow. Thanks for sharing.

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