Clean & Simple: Week 1

20130420002-EditSo far I am really loving this simple and modern approach to scrapbooking we are exploring in the Clean & Simple: The Workshop class I am taking. We are already in week 5 of the class. I’m just a little bit behind. 😉 Its going by so fast. I’ll be posting my completed projects over the next couple months.20130420007-EditThis assignment was my first time putting together a layout about myself. The journaling took me awhile to write. It reads I am a wife. | I am a daughter. | I am a sister. | I am an awesome aunt. | I am an ambitious list maker. | I am addicted to making pizza on Friday nights. | I am obsessed with cupcakes. | I am a cook. | I am a huge fan of project life. | I am a crafter. | I am a lover of spicy food. | I am a goal setter. | I am trying to eat healthier. | I am a exceptional baker. | I am a perfectionist. | I am a chocolate chip cookie enthusiast. | I am a coffee drinker. | I am a knitter. | I am in love with trying new recipes.  | I am a scrapbooker. | I am learning photography. | I am a creative person. | I am a wanna be runner. | I am an avid exerciser. | I am a hiker and outdoor adventurer. | I am crazy about DIY projects. | I am embracing change. | April 2013 |  20130420008-EditI just love this layout and can’t wait to put together more of these Clean & Simple projects. I’m enjoying the hyrbid scrapbooking process. I’m sure at some point I’ll need to take new photos for these projects, but I really liked looking through my old photos to find the perfect ones for this page. 20130420004-EditOver the past couple of weeks, I have been noticing the color palette I’m drawn too. This layout totally embraces those colors: Bright coral, a lighter shade of pink, yellow, orange, and a shade of light teal!

Looking forward to sharing more Clean & Simple pages!

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