My One Little Word for 2013: CREATE

20130413054-EditBack in February I decided to pick a One Little Word for 2013 and join Ali Edward’s year long workshop. Each month there is a new prompt for us to complete and add to our albums throughout the year. I first saw this project over here on Elise’s Blog. I immediately loved the idea of creating a journal type album. It is a great way to document more of the personal stuff that might not get put into project life. I love that I am doing this project just for me! So far the prompts have been really inspiring and have got me thinking about what I want to make of my life this year.

I chose create for my word this year. I’m not sure exactly why, just that I plan on creating big things this year!


The prompt for January was writing intentions for each month of the year relating to our word. My intentions were a list of things I want to create in my life this year. I really enjoyed the process of coming up with 12 intentions and presenting them in a creative way. 20130505014February’s prompt was to create a vision board. It didn’t have to directly relate to our words. I really procrastinated on this one but I had so much fun with it once I got going. I currently have it hanging up in my craft room. I loved the process of clipping things that I liked and assembling them onto a vision board. I thought about doing a digital version of this but I like playing with paper and glue too much for that. This is a project I want to do again next year for sure. It was rewarding to put together and I like having it up on my wall to look at all the time!20130505019The prompt for March involved taking action on something (anything- big or small) in our lives. Ali had us schedule things on a calendar relating to that action in the beginning of the month and reflect on the process at the end of the month.

I had hoped to add some extras to my album like goals for the month or some photos. But keeping up with the monthly prompts has been more than enough to keep me busy! 🙂

I’ll be sharing the April prompt next week. So check back for that update.

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