Ambitious Goals for June

IMAG0282 (2)-Edit

1. Make weekly To Do lists. In May, I had a hard time focusing on my goals and getting stuff done. So this month, I am going to focus on making a manageable to do list for each week. Hopefully, this will help me stay organized and productive.

2. Plan a Birthday Party. We are planning a big birthday celebration at the end of July. (This will be a two month goal.) I have a lot of fun projects planned and can’t wait to share them. Right now, I am working on finishing the invitations I designed and printed.

3. Schedule time for Project Life. I am still going strong with project life but I’m starting to fall even further behind. I want to get into the habit of working on my layouts early Sunday mornings. 

4. Finish more Clean & Simple layouts. I am so far behind in this class, but I’m not worried about it at all. The class content is available forever so I can continue at my own pace. I love the clean and simple process but I’ve been choosing to spend my time on Project Life.

5. Invite Fun | go for bike rides with pat | go downtown and get dinner at a seafood place in Georgetown | go to happy hour on a Friday night | go hiking in Shenandoah National Park | go to a wine tasting at a local Winery | June 2013

Happy June!


One thought on “Ambitious Goals for June

  1. Very exciting and busy month! You always get so much accomplished in your little spare time. Thanks for inspiring me to be more productive.

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