Create 2013: May OLW Update

20130615051I finished my May One Little Word project! The project for May was to LISTEN to what we were hearing over and over, then document it in a creative way. For me, this meant to pick out sayings that were inspiring and meaningful. I searched on Pinterest for quotes I liked.20130615037-Edit-EditI sketched out the sayings, like Ali suggested, so I could practice and figure out how I wanted it to look. I picked out some paper that matched my color scheme for the album and cut it to fit in the nine pocket page. I used a polka dot vellum to write my sayings on and attached that to the patterned paper with washi tape on some and a staple on others. 20130615043-EditI love how this came together! It was a pretty quick project, from start to finish it took just a couple hours. 20130615044-Edit-EditThis project wasn’t directly focused on my one little word create, but I was able to sneak it in a couple places.20130615042-EditI really enjoyed the process of picking out sayings and getting a little creative with documenting this. It definitely helped to practice writing the words first. Usually, I hate my handwriting but I’m happy with it this time. There is a couple cards I would have drawn again but I didn’t have anymore vellum and I’m trying to embrace imperfection anyways! 🙂 

I haven’t started the June project yet, but hopefully I’ll have time this weekend! 20130615057-EditNote: I am taking Ali Edwards One Little Word class this year and doing the monthly projects. 


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