Embracing Change!

IMG_20130615_092129_516 (2)It’s official! We are moving to Colorado Springs in just two short months, and I can’t wait. I am so excited to see what this big adventure has in store for us. This was just a dream for so long and now it is actually happening.

I’m so looking forward to a change of pace and getting out of this rut. Lately we’ve been so busy at work that we’ve been in a rut of going to work, getting some chores done around the apartment and not much lot else. This move will be a great opportunity for Pat and I to just have more fun! We will have a whole new area to explore together.

I am also excited to have more time for this blog and all of my creative projects. It’s been hard to balance everything and I always feel like I’m behind. It will be nice to get a break for a while.

I’m trying really hard to focus more on the excitement of this big adventure and less on what we are leaving behind.

This move is good for us, really good.

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