DIY Knitted Cowl

20131205001I just finished a really easy knitted cowl. Perfect timing too, the temperature dropped below zero last night! I followed this tutorial and love how it came out. Its perfect to wear over a simple long sleeve t-shirt!20131205006This is such an easy pattern and surprisingly quick to knit. Scarves usually take forever to finish. I knit in the round using 2 strands of a worsted weight acrylic yarn. I think this yarn is Caron simply soft paints, but I’ve had it for a while. For needles, I used a 29” US 10.5 double pointed needle. I casted on 74 stitches just like Elise did in her tutorial. Then I just kept knitting until I was happy with the length. I carefully slipped it over my head so I could try it on. It’s about 12 inches high but it curls up a lot.20131205005I used the self timer on my camera to take these pictures. I haven’t done that in forever and for got how useful it can be!20131205004

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