Our 2013 Christmas Ornament

20131221028Every year I like to make a new handmade Christmas ornament for our tree, to celebrate something important from the year. Last year I made a wedding ornament. I took an extra wedding invitation, cut it in strips, curled the strips and stuffed them inside a clear ball ornament.

This year I wanted to make an ornament for our move to Colorado. I saw this idea on pinterest and decided to recreate it.

frixion pen
embroidery thread
Time: 2 hours

I found a glass the right size for my ornament and used it as a template to cut the felt.20131221006I had a rough idea of how I wanted the ornament to look, mountains with “COLORADO 2013” at the bottom. I sketched out my design a few times and decided on this. I drew it on the felt with the frixion pen (it’ll erase with the iron when I’m done).20131221011 Using a backstitch, I stitched over my design. This video is helpful if you haven’t backstitched before. 20131221012To join the two pieces of felt together, I used a blanket stitch. It’s important to keep the size and spacing of the stitches the same so it looks neat. When I got near the top of the ornament, I pinned a piece of ribbon in place.20131221016I left a small gap to use to stuff the poly-fill, finished stitching around the ornament and tied it off.20131221019That’s it!20131221025Our 2013 Christmas Ornament!

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