Fabric Storage Bin

20131220068-EditI have had my craft room set up since September but I really need to make it more functional. I have 4 shelves up on the walls that I haven’t been using much at all. So I thought some fabric storage bins would fun and functional, plus I already had that cute sewing fabric.

Project: Love to sew fabric storage bin

Materials: 1/2 yard main fabric (Michael Miller Love to Sew)
1/2 yard coordinating fabric (teal chevron from Joann Fabric)
1/2 yard fusible interfacing (Pellon 809 decor bond)20131220030Time: 2 hours

I followed this tutorial.

The first step for this project is drawing it out the pattern on the fabric. 20131220034-1Cut out 2 of the lining fabric, 2 of the main fabric, and 2 fusible interfacing. If your fabric is direction, like mine was make sure it is going the right way.

Iron the interfacing to the lining fabric, in this case the teal chevron. 20131220045Sew the two main color pieces right sides together, along the bottom edge. 20131220048Repeat the same thing with the two lining pieces and press all the seams open. 2013122004920131220051Sew up the sides right sides together and press the seams together. Now its time to sew the corners closed.20131220053Line up the seams and sew.

It should look like this now. Repeat for the main color. 20131220054Flip the lining, sew it is right sides out and the main color should be wrong sides out. Place the lining inside the main color and sew along the top edge leaving a 3 inch gap to flip it. 2013122005720131220058Pull the fabric through the opening so the right side is out. Iron the top edge, folding in the opening.

Sew  a 1/4 inch seam along the top edge.20131220059Fold over a cuff of 2 inches and iron.

Sew between the 1/4 inch stitching and the edge of the cuff to secure it. 2013122006120131220065 I really loved this quick and easy project. I want to make more with different lining fabrics for my shelves. Perfect for organizing my sewing supplies.

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