May Goals

20140429025What’s been happening the past few months? We bought a house! We aren’t moving in for a little while, but expect to see lots of projects on here for our new home.

The past couple weeks I’ve been finding my groove again. My craft room has been a constant mess (which means creativity is flowing!). I’ve been working furiously on projects to share over the next month. I’m excited and ready for May.

Personal goals for May:

1. Completely finish the patio set we are building. Right now we have the table ready for staining and  still have to build two benches and possibly two chairs.

2. Prep our townhouse for the move. This means going through all of our stuff and getting rid of anything we don’t love anymore. I’ll tackle one area of the house at a time and reorganize as I go.

3. Focus on healthy habits. Including regular exercise and eating healthy. I need to make meal planning a priority because its so much easier to stay on track when I have a plan. (especially for breakfast, lunch and snacks)


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