Color Blocked Terra Cotta Pots

20140421027Succulents are my favorite indoor plants! They come in so many different varieties. Ever since I read this post, I knew I wanted some potted succulents in my house. We are moving into our new home soon, and I figured it was time to make this project happen.

Project: Color Blocked Terra Cotta Pots20140419008What you’ll need: Potting soil (cactus blend), fine gravel, 3 terra cotta pots and dishes -varying sizes, 3 small succulents (I bought mine at lowe’s), acrylic paint, paint brush and painters tape. succulentsTime: 2 hours (most of that is waiting for the paint to dry)

First, I taped off the pots about 1.5 inches from the top. This makes a nice clean line of paint.20140419013Next, I mixed my paint colors. I choose two shades of blue and a rusty red. I only have primary colors plus black and white, so I always mix my own paint. 20140419015I painted the tops of the pots and about 1 inch on the inside. It took two coats to cover evenly. After the last coat, before the paint dried I peeled off the painters tape. Make sure to let it dry all the way before potting the plants. 20140419017I transplanted the plants into my pots and then covered the dirt with the gravel. This definitely looks prettier but it’s going to be hard to tell when to water them. I did a little research on how to care for succulents and decided I’m going to water them really well once a week. 20140421030Such an easy project! I just hope I can find a good place to display them in our new home and keep them alive.


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