My First Creative Field Trip

Garden of the GodsAfter listening to episode 004 of elise gets crafty, I really wanted to try out the idea of a creative field trip. Staying home all all the time can get so boring and I need to get out of the house more often. Once I get into a creative funk, its really hard for me to get out of it.

I picked a Friday when the weather was perfect and drove down to Garden of the Gods with my camera and a notebook. I knew a creative field trip would have to include going to Garden of the Gods, because really there is no better place around here to find inspiration. 20140502014

I spent a couple of hours walking around, thinking and jotting a few things down in my notebook.Creative Field TripGarden of the Gods can be kind of crowded but the great thing is that there are lots of little spots you can find to sit and think. I needed some time to think about what i’m doing with this blog and my etsy shop, where I want to go from here, and what changes I need to make for those things to happen. 20140502010A lot of times I overwhelmed when I think about things like that because I immediate make an impossibly long to do list. Being outside in such a awesome place definitely helped me relax and just think about some things. Nanas quilt cottageNear Garden of the Gods is the cutest little quilt shop, called Nanas Quilt Cottage. This shop is filled with gorgeous fabric, lots of books, and sample projects. It is so fun to go there just to look around and get inspired! I found a few fabrics for a project i’m planning too.

At the end of the outing, I felt more motivated and inspired to work towards my goals. I really hope to make creative field trips a regular thing, once a month maybe!


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