Hiking | Seven Bridges Trail

drive to the trail headA few weeks ago Pat and I hiked the seven bridges trail. The drive up to the trail head was beautiful. We passed Helen Hunt falls on the way there.  Helen Hunt FallsThe trailhead starts at the gate to Gold Camp road and the first 0.7 miles of the trail is along this dirt road. The view from here is pretty cool!Seven Bridges View of the roadIt looks down on the road you drive up to get to the trailhead. After the 0.7 miles on Gold Camp Road you’ll come to a trail marker for trail 622, we took that trail and came to this sign.Trail marker

Shortly after this sign we crossed the first bridge. Yes, there are seven bridges total. We counted on the way back! This trail keeps going to Jones Park, we turned around shortly after the last bridge. Seven Bridges ViewWe stopped here to enjoy the view, eat lunch, and turn around. Overall, this hike was really easy and fun, just 4.7 miles round trip! We definitely want to try more hikes in Cheyenne Canyon.


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