Color Blocked Terra Cotta Pots

20140421027Succulents are my favorite indoor plants! They come in so many different varieties. Ever since I read this post, I knew I wanted some potted succulents in my house. We are moving into our new home soon, and I figured it was time to make this project happen.

Project: Color Blocked Terra Cotta Pots20140419008What you’ll need: Potting soil (cactus blend), fine gravel, 3 terra cotta pots and dishes -varying sizes, 3 small succulents (I bought mine at lowe’s), acrylic paint, paint brush and painters tape. succulentsTime: 2 hours (most of that is waiting for the paint to dry)

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Mother’s Day Card | Using watercolors

20140423074Watercolors have been on my list of things to try for a long time. I so was inspired by this project and finally decided to pick up a set and try it out.

Project: Watercolor Mother’s Day Card20140423060What you’ll need: watercolors, paintbrush, white card (I used an A2 card, 4.25x 5.5), cup of water, scrap paper, and some embellishments (I just use whatever I have on hand- more on that below)

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